The Wig Bags Travel Wig Box - TWB-TRAVEL

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Year Round

Travel Wig Box  - The travel wig box is ingeniously designed to provide optimal protection for your wig while you're on the go. Its innovative and practical design allows it to snugly wrap around your carry-on luggage, ensuring your wig stays safe and secure during travel. You can effortlessly bring it along with you on the plane and conveniently store it in the overhead compartment. Alternatively, it easily fits into your regular luggage suitcase, keeping your wig well protected throughout your journey. The travel wig box conveniently transforms into a versatile travel case. It offers ample space to store all your essential travel items, whether it's cosmetics, hair accessories, or other personal belongings you need on the go.

Additionaly, you have the option to enhance your travel experience with the newly innovative travel wig head also available for purchase. This adjustable wig head neatly fits inside the compact travel box, ensuring maximum protection during transit. Once you arrive at your destination, the wig head effortlessly expands to its full size, allowing you to style and maintain your wig with ease. Embrace worry-free and stylish travel with the travel wig box and its accompanying adjustable wig head.


Size: 10" X 10" X 12"


* Designed for travel along with the travel adjustable wig head

* Conveniently wraps around your carry-on luggage

* Folds flat for easy storage when not in use

* Custom ID tag holder and tag

* Plastic store away case

* Elastic straps to secure wig head in place

* Can easily be transform into a  travel case for personal belongings

Year Round