Silver YPB Flower Earrings (SET83493EW)

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Silver YPB Flower Earrings
A beautiful everyday ladies accessory.
Looking to add some extra sparkle to her outfit.
This jewelry captures enough elegance for dates, comfort for work wear, and radiance for meetings Great for birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, wedding or any special occasion.
The perfect present for mom, sister, daughter, granddaughter, wife, best friend or any woman who loves brilliant style.

Made of: Sterling Silver and Semi Precious Stones.

Make Your Jewelry Last Longer
-Remove your jewelry before you swim in chlorine or salt water.
-Remove your jewelry before participating in activities that will cause you to sweat a lot.
-Wait to put on your jewelry until after you have applied lotion, makeup or perfume.
-Remove jewelry if you will be bringing it into contact with something hard.
-Store your jewelry where it won’t rub against other hard substances.

7 Day Return Policy